Design and development of brand or corporate Websites in HTML and HTML5, to assure a positive promotion of your company's products and services, by providing adequate information and full interaction between your company and your customers.


Design and development of product Websites in which different elements are modeled and animated in 3D to present your products in detail and to give the user a richer experience. By developing a 3D Website, where your products are presented in a 360º, allowing virtual interactions with them, your online communication achieves definitely new perspectives.


Design and development of products and services, and/or corporate Websites in HTML and HTML5, including programming and databases that will let you manage efficiently the information that your company wants to communicate, and the one which is received from users, such as sign up data, requests and orders.

Development of dynamic tools to manage your Website content: the functionality of specific sections, the automation of various business processes and consulting customized information, among other capabilities.


Development of online solutions that aim to streamline the communication and collaboration between people that make up your organization, whether they are internal or external. Through the development of an Intranet or an Extranet, we contribute to improve and automate your sales processes, orders control, audits and supervisions, internal communication, information sharing, human resources and quality control, generating tools, such as purchase orders, booking meeting rooms, automation of expense accounts, vacation, stationary and consumables requests and so on.


Interactive and dynamic tools development to enable the delivery of online training courses for people who are physically in different locations. You can monitor the individual progress of each of the trainees and also provide assessments and exercises to ensure the perfect understanding of the course.


Development of online promotional campaigns, in line with the objective of achieving a positive impact on the positioning and sales of your products and services. By creating different promotional mechanisms such as games, rallies and tests, we motivate your customers' participation while driving traffic into your website and your points of sale. At the same time, we generate database registries that let you implement e-mail and CRM campaigns.


The e-Reader tool allows you to present and distribute all kinds of publications such as magazines, brochures, catalogs and newspapers electronically. Your readers will be able to leaf through any online publication or download it to read it at any time. This solution will allow your company to eliminate printing costs and contribute to the environment preservation.


We provide our experience and resources to develop web-based applications, in order to help your company or business to efficiently satisfy all its communication needs and requirements.

We work under the j2ee standard, using tools and frameworks such as Stripes, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, JUnit, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle.



Let us advice you in the planning and development of your online communication strategies. We will help you obtain the results your company needs , adding value to your ideas and taking into account an efficient return your investment .

Maintenance and updating

Through our maintenance and updating services, the Digiworks Web Design solutions keep pace with your business. We will help you maintain up to date the image and contents of your Website or Intranet. This service will keep your processes adjusted to your current and future needs.